INTEGRATED RENTAL CONTROL BOX BRAINS ON BIKES The waterproof SmooveBox contains an RFID card reader and keypad, and is conveniently located on the handlebar providing for easy customer interaction. The SmooveBox internal battery is continuously charged through the hub dynamo system, providing a minimum battery life of 3 years (and the cost of replacement batteries is negligible) Renting a bike is easy! Go straight to the bike and tap your membership card. If you are a casual user just enter the access code you obtained from the kiosk or mobile App. Temper resistanceWater Proof
CUSTOM BUILT FOR BIKE SHARE THE SMOOVE BIKE IS STRONG, COMFORTABLE, AND SAFE TO RIDE.   SHIFTING: 3-7 GEAR   ADJUSTABLE COMFORT SADDLE Durable material, weather and tear resistant   REAR AD PANEL   DRIVE SHAFT CHAINLESS BIKES   ALUMINUM FRAME Lightweight, Durable   ANTI-VANDAL NUTS Protect components against theft   26” ALUMIUM WHEELS BOAST extra-strong double walls, puncture resistant tires.   FRONT LIGHT POWERED By internal dynamo hub delayed dimming rear light   FRONT MOUNTED BASKET With revenue generating ad panel

The Smoove Bike provides for many branding, sponsorship, and advertising opportunities. You can creatively brand the bicycle or use the space to generate revenue. It is totally up
to you. Looking for a bike share corporate sponsor?
Contact Cyclehop.